Energy Cleansing

Energy Cleansing

This section is dedicated to articles on energy cleansing, fumigation and clearing methods.  Smell and aromatherapy effect us human beings in different ways. They can be extremely helpful to not just clear out stagnant energies around us but to also lift and support our mood, whether for meditation, to calm a stressed out mind or to prepare for an action packed evening with friends...

We will feature more on this topic like recipes, methods, rituals, materials, primary products and much more shortly.
It is that time again... At least for the Northern hemisphere. It is winter... it is dark and it is cold. In old times, people adjusted to the seasons. the harvest was done and now came the time for rest, but in modern times, the job continues as normal. Only this time of the year, you are leaving for work when it is still dark and you return home when it is already dark - making you wonder if daylight came out at all today...

This season brings about an acquaintant of modern times: depression... BUT you can avoid depression and feeling down. You can use this time and cuddle up with your loved one, take a soft blanket, a hot cup of tea and a nice book... You can accompany this with incense. Incense is known to lift up your mood, to enhance your meditation practice or to clear up your head ahead of important meetings. 

Winter is the season for contemplation, so why not support this with a special incense recipe:

4 parts Aloeswood
1 part Vetiver 
1/8 part of Borneol Camphor

Aloeswood is nown for its unique smell. The smell is balsamic-sweet to spicy-bitter. And each time you use it you will detect a different smell. It is known to clear your soul and to bring attention to the god inside of us.

Vetiver is a perennial grass of the Poaceae family, native to India. It has a balancing effect, and helps to stabilize energy.

Borneal Camphor cleans the room and energy. It supports concentration, desinfects the air in the room and at the same time is impacting our health especially our airways.