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When you clear clutter you are not just clearing out old unwanted material things but you are actually de-cluttering your mind.

It is only in the process of throwing out material things that we actually realized that many of them (if not all) don't actually mean anything - they themselves definitely don't bring us happiness. And the more we think about it the more we realize how much clutter we have accumulated in our lifes already. And it is only then that we realize that clearing clutter is also a mental matter.

To clear out our mind we need to tune inwards. Cleansing our mind means cleansing ourselves of impurities, afflictions and negative thoughts. The process can be very painful especially with our ego constantly interfering. Our ego of course is tuning into surivival mode and will do all its can to ensure that none of the negative attachments and prejudices leaves us as - should we ever - come to the full realization that all that binds us in our current society is actually not real, then the ego would have died as it has no reason of existance anymore. So naturally it puts up a big fight.

Cleansing yourself is like washing yourself of all the dirt you have accumulated, you start by rubbing yourself and the water surrounding us turns grey and muddy from all the dirt we wash off. The process usually goes with pain and aches; your ego is resisting. You feel like giving up... but when you don't and you hang in there until the water clears you feel so much lighter, so much fresher. 

Your mind develops an acute sensitivity to the energy of space and time.

You all of a sudden see things you never saw before, you enjoy things you never even noticed before. Your mind all of a sudden develops an acute sensitivity to the energy of space and time that not just surrounds you but is part of you.

This process helps to de-clutter your mind and once you have felt the result of this dejunking you know you will do it again and again and again. Don't let the red dust settle too much again, keep that feeling of feeling lighter and brighter. Keep clearing away all the clutter you accumulate on your mind ... try and do this at least once a year.

PS: If you feel lost on how you can do this, what technique might suit you best, try and find a meditation retreat. A simple one like a zen retreat or a retreat at Kopan Monastry in Kathmandu will help you get through the clutter of your mind.

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