Feng Shui Tips

For many an antique furniture is usually attached to with memories. It is the old cupboard from my grandfather. Do you remember how grandmother used to sit at the old desk and take us through her photographs?

For many others antiques are standing for a time long gone, for a more homely style that they so miss in modern furniture design. And for others yet it is a way of investing money.

Whatever your reason for buying and bringing in antique furniture to your life, make sure to cleanse it of any energy it has attracted over time. Especially when the purchase comes with an unknown history.

The easiest way to cleanse antique furnitures is by salt. Salt dissolves negative energy and neutralizes the harmful and negative qi (energy).

Do not use the cooking salt available in your next-door supermarket. These have often been created by artificial production processes or have been cleaned by additional chemicals. Make sure the mixture is one of natural rock salt with natural sea salt of equal proportion.

Take the salt into your hand. Familiarize yourself with the salt in your palms by for example scooping up your hands with an up and down motion. Now, stroke the piece of furniture with the salt. Use something like a brushing motion as if to clean the surface of your furniture from dirt. If you like you can make a ritual out of this cleansing process by chanting a mantra. If you prefer not to use your naked hands you can also use a damp cloth.

Alternatively if the weather allows in your area you can also let the old furniture stand in the hot sun for ten to fifteen minutes. Sunshine is very powerful to eliminate negative energy.

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