Feng Shui Tips

Similar to our post on how to best position your bed, we will now look at your home office. Again we are making use of the form school. We are looking for a protected area within the room so we can be concentrated and work. Even though generally a home office is well placed in a yang (e.g. warmer, lighter, more active) area of the house we are still looking for Qi collection to place our desk. Why? Well when we work, we like to be concentrated and not be distracted.

At the same time, we would like to know what's going on outside: Damn, the cat has just thrown down the vase again... Oh well, at least we saw it was the cat and not some burglar... The facing direction is important to have piece of mind, which in return helps concentration on the work at hand.

The office will benefit from more yang, uplifting and creative colours, after all we want to achieve something. In this case red (fire element) and green (wood element) colours will help our creativity while white (metal element) colours will bring us structure and clarity. Experience with the colours you like best. To learn more about the Five Elements visit our article: Five Phases (Five Elements).

In a full Feng Shui consultation we will give advice on the best colours suited to you. We will also advice which room is the best for work. Both will be determined through various methods that take a look at the earthly, heavenly and human elements present in the given situation and environment. This is why Feng Shui is so excited and this is why only a consultation will give you advice for you, today and for your task at hand. It is individual and cannot be generalized.

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